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Pet Ownership and Effect on Mental Health in Seniors. Picture of an elderly caucasian female hugging a small black dog.

Pet Ownership and Effect on Mental Health in Seniors

As people get older, there is a risk of decline in mental health. Dr. Genieve Zhe Hui Gan and her team of researchers set out to explore the relationship between pet ownership in older adults and the influence on mental health.[1] The results of this study were published in the journal of Aging and Mental […]

Rescue Them, They Rescue Us. Picture of a small brown and white dog on a girls shoulder.

Rescue Them, They Rescue Us

We might find it interesting to know that adopting a pet comes with some surprising health benefits for the new owner. For those who truly consider a dog to be man’s best friend, it helps to know the health benefits dogs can bestow on a human being. In fact, some studies show that dog ownership […]